Women and their money

Women and their money

Feeling the pinch

Although both genders seemed to be under some financial strain, women seemed to feel particularly hard up, with two fifths (39%) of women saying they felt worse off than last year, with only half as many (19%) feeling better off.

The picture seemed to a better for the younger generation, with three in ten (31%) women aged 18 to 34 saying they felt better off. However, this is well behind the half (50%) of young men that said the same.

Relationship with money

The research also dug down into various elements of British women’s relationship with their money. For example, two in five (40%) women married or living in couples say they managed the household’s long term finances. However, this is far lower among older women, where on 27% of the 55+ age group said the same.

You can read more about the results here or read the full report from Savvywoman.