‘Wear it like a mum’

Two thirds (66%) of mothers have changed the way they dress after becoming a mum, according to our research surveying 1,000 mothers in the UK on behalf of British retailer, Boden.

As Boden prepare to launch their ‘Wear It Like a Mum’ campaign to encourage mums to champion ‘Mum Style’ in a positive way, Opinium looked into how mothers’ fashion is perceived. Asked what words come to mind when thinking about how a mum dresses, 72% chose ‘Comfortable’, 67% selected ‘Practical’; ‘Stylish’ was only picked by 15%.

For many mums, the way in which they see themselves changes after having children. Nearly half (49%) of younger mothers aged 18-34 say that they feel less attractive after becoming a mum. And interestingly, many respondents claimed that the media has a negative impact on the self-image of mums (38%).

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