Voters think Corbyn might not last

57% of voters think he won’t lead Labour in 2020

Just over a quarter of voters (28%) think Jeremy Corbyn’s first 100 days as leader of the Labour party have been a success, while 61% think they have not been successful. Almost a third (30%) of Labour voters agree that the start of his tenure as leader has not been successful.
Voters think Corbyn might not last
Only a third (31%) of voters expect Mr Corbyn to lead his party into the next general election, while 57% think he won’t. Although Labour voters are more optimistic about their leader’s future, 30% still think he won’t be their leader come 2020.

The results of the poll make even worse reading for the party as a whole, with the internal arguments taking a toll on voters’ perceptions of Labour. Two thirds (69%) of voters see the Labour Party as divided – including a quarter (25%) that described the party as “completely divided”. Almost half of Labour voters (45%) also agreed that the party was divided.

Corbyn viewed the least favourably of all the five party leaders

When voters were asked if they had a favourable or unfavourable view of the leaders, Jeremy Corbyn received the lowest net favourability rating of all the five main party leaders. Just over a quarter (28%) described their view of Mr Corbyn as favourable, while twice as many said their view of him was unfavourable. By comparison, 42% of voters had a favourable view of David Cameron.
Corbyn seen the least favourably of all the five party leaders

But the Labour leader still has his strengths

Despite these negative ratings, voters still recognize some positive characteristics in Jeremy Corbyn that they don’t see in David Cameron. More than half (56%) of voters agree that Jeremy Corbyn sticks to his principles rather than just saying what people want to hear, and 38% think he is in touch with ordinary people.
The leadership of Cameron and Corbyn
However, he does fall behind David Cameron on some of the leadership aspects that you might expect a prime minister of five years to do well on. Almost half (45%) think Cameron is a strongly leader compared to 24% saying the same for Jeremy Corbyn, and there is a similar gap when it comes to who is able to get things done (45% for Cameron vs 23% for Corbyn).

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Voters think Corbyn might not last