Valentine’s Day has limited appeal in the UK

What did you get for your significant other (SO)?

According to a poll conducted by Opinium on behalf of PwC, 52% of respondents didn’t plan to buy a gift for their loved one this Valentine’s Day. Moreover, 48% didn’t even expect to buy a card.

However, those who did plan to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts said they would spend more than they did last year. The average amount respondents planned to spend was £29.89), up 12% from £26.69 in 2016.

Males planned to spend more than females—£39.70 vs. £20.42 —the study found. It is calculated that a total of £458.7 million will be spent on Valentine’s Day in the UK this year.

Value aside, spending was more likely to occur at physical stores than online, according to the study. That spending could look different than the traditional flowers and chocolate, however. Nearly three in 10 respondents (29%) said they would prefer a gift related to travel or leisure. Approximately a fifth (21%) of respondents said they were most likely to give small, personal gifts, such as handmade items.

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