UK Prosperity Map 2016

For the second year, Barclays commissioned Opinium to compile the UK Prosperity Map, providing an in-depth picture of affluence across Britain.

The UK Prosperity Map compiles a series of different measures gleaned from official statistics – including GDP per capita, employment, enterprise figures, household expenditure, number of millionaires and donations to charity – to give an overall Index score for each region.

In 2016, the Prosperity Index showed an overall uplift in prosperity across every region of the UK in comparison to last year’s study, and what’s more, we’re starting to see examples of how this prosperity is being shared across the country as a whole.

Both Bristol and Cambridge saw higher growth in house prices than London, at 14% for Cambridge and 13% for Bristol, compared to just 11% in London. Cities outside of London and the South East also performed strongly on entrepreneurial activity, with Manchester, Cardiff and Sheffield all seeing some of the largest increases in SME turnover.

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