Over a third of parents feel guilty that their child’s lunchbox isn’t healthier

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of Tetra Pak discovered that 36% of parents of primary school children feel guilty for providing a lunchbox that is not healthy enough, but know their child will enjoy eating it.


The survey of 1,004 parents with primary school aged children also found that a quarter (25%) find it difficult to include healthy food and drink for their child’s lunchbox at school. Having said this, when buying ingredients and drinks for their child’s lunchbox, 36% admitted that they often choose convenience over health.


The influence that children have on lunchbox purchasing decisions was also highlighted in the research as over half (52%) say their child often decides what should go in their lunchbox. A similar proportion of the parents surveyed (50%) claim that their child is influenced by their friends’ lunchboxes at school.


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