Support for retaining train guards

ScotRail users feel uncomfortable about removing guards

For RMT, Britain’s largest transport trade union, Opinium conducted research amongst users of the Abellio ScotRail train service to find out how they were responding to possible plans to remove train guards from their service.

Three in five (60%) weekly users of the service say that they oppose suggested plans for trains to no longer have guards or conductors on-board, with 16% supporting the move, with female passengers more likely than men to oppose the change (68% vs. 55% respectively).

Just under three quarters (73%) of users say they would be concerned about the safety of travelling on trains that no longer had an on-board train guard or conductor, and 77% think the trains should not be allowed to run without at least one member of staff whose main duty is to assist passengers and protect their safety.

Once again, two thirds (68%) of female users of the service would feel less safe if the proposal went ahead.

Read more about this research in this release from the RMT.