A sixth of motorists don’t change their driving style during treacherous conditions

A study conducted by Opinum on behalf of uSwitch has found that 16% do not adapt their driving style in treacherous conditions. Also one in five (23%) fail to increase the distance between their car and the vehicle in front and one in four (26%) do not reduce their speed on icy roads.

As well as driving dangerously, three in ten drivers (31%) don’t completely clear their car’s windscreen before setting off, and over half (52%) disregard the passenger side windows altogether. Furthermore one in four drivers (25%) admit to leaving the engine running with keys in the ignition, meaning they’re unlikely to be covered if their car is stolen.

In the mornings when de-icing windows, over half of motorists (53%) admit to using inappropriate objects, including nearly half (47%) who use a credit or debit card. Other popular methods of windscreen clearing include using hands (33%) or a CD (13%).

The chart below shows the most popular methods for removing ice and snow for those without an ice scraper:


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