Reuniting Refugee Families

A poll by Opinium Research for British Red Cross, found that just 11 per cent of British adults believe their child would be ready to face life alone at 18.

This comes in spite of 18 being the age at which the children of refugees become ineligible to join their parents living in the UK.

More than 90% of British adults said they would miss their family more than anything else if they had to flee disaster or conflict. This was followed by their friends (82 per cent) and their partner (59 per cent).

In relation, the ability to be with family members was the most important factor for British adults, if they had to flee. Choosing a destination where English is spoken, or where you could continue working or studying were also important.

The countries that British adults would be most likely to flee to are Australia, Canada and the US, followed by New Zealand and Ireland.

The research also shows that 83% of British adults believe the UK’s refugee and asylum seeker population to be higher than it actually is. Interestingly, only 17% knew the correct answer to be less than 1%.


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