Thought Leadership & Research for PR

Opinium works with in-house and agency teams offering valuable insight to enhance any campaign

Our offering is able to provide the highest level of research acumen coupled with a wide-ranging media knowledge to maximise the value of the research to any individual campaign or wider PR strategy.

We have a wide experience in generating research specifically for PR and communications teams, offering an extensive range of bespoke or omnibus research solutions, whether it is regionally, nationally or internationally, to produce quick and accurate data to enhance any PR campaign. We advise on the best research methodology and project parameters and regularly combine different specialised teams within the company to guarantee the highest level of expertise for any project.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to gain share of voice for your brand in a competitive market, we also regularly produce insightful thought leadership reports to position your brand as an expert in their field with the general public, key stakeholders and media owners. Our thought leadership pieces combine primary research (omnibus or custom surveys) with hard hitting secondary desk research, interviews with key stakeholders, thought leaders and contextual information, as well as trend analysis and forecasting.