Employee Research

Opinium are experts at designing and managing employee research programmes – whether in the form of online surveys, depth interviews or focus groups.

We conduct research throughout the employee lifecycle, from new starters to leavers, from annual surveys to snapshot surveys on a specific theme.

For online surveys, we have a toolkit of employee engagement questions, adapted to each organisation’s specific needs – we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The benefits of using a specialist research agency to manage employee research programmes include:

  • Expertise in survey design
  • Guaranteed respondent anonymity, which both increases response rates and ensures frank and honest feedback
  • The demonstration to employees that, by using an external agency, the organisation values their opinions and takes them seriously
  • Expertise in analysing and interpreting the findings

Running a successful employee research programme requires careful planning, consultation and communications, both before and after the research is carried out, in order to ensure that staff and senior management buy in to the process and to maximise response rates.
More than just a research agency, Opinium can provide internal communications support and advice, as well as facilitating staff workshops both pre- and post-survey.