The Opinium creative development programme

We can help you develop your communications from early stage ideation, to maximising the creative potential, through to in market evaluation and measuring ROI.

icon-labEarly Stage

Opinium has extensive qualitative experience in helping developing communication campaigns – be individual messaging ideas through to that large scale multi media advertising campaigns


Group discussions are the ideal forum to generate ideas for communication concepts as participants can build on each other’s comments and viewpoints.This will also generate rich debate and discussion allowing us to evaluate the concepts and their potential and also how they could be maximised.


Advertising is generally consumed individually so If concepts are slightly more developed then in-depth personal interviews are a great way to gain insight into how the concepts are being processed and understood.Clear indications and recommendations for future development will be gleaned from these in-depth interviews.


Maximising creative routes potential. Assessment of rough cuts or finished stimulus & comparison to benchmarks.

Quick Shot

If time or budget are both in short supply but you need to know how your communications are going to perform then ‘Quick Shot’ is for you.Topline read on key metrics benchmarked against norms to give you insight into likely performance.

Full Evaluation

Advertising & communications continue to be one of the biggest discretionary spends that marketers have which is why we have developed an in depth approach to give real insight into performance and clear recommendations into future development.Utilising benchmarks and a control sample to give cut through potential and likely consumer impact.


In market evaluation of communications impact. Impact on brand KPI’s. Creative evaluation & comparison to benchmarks.


The best way to way evaluate the impact of marketing activity is to conduct continuous interviewing throughout the year.This allows the assessment of a base level of key metrics and a continuous picture of the rise and fall of these metrics as different campaigns and spend patterns are used.Giving clear ROI on individual campaigns.

Campaign Dips

Pre / Post dip methodology is a point in time evaluation of activity rather than a continuous read.The Pre dip takes place before activity, again attaining a base level read of key metrics.The Post dip would occur after the activity has taken place. Showing the impact on key metrics


When a pre activity baseline read of key metrics is not available, the best approach is to isolate exposure to the campaign. This is done by looking at two separate samples:Sample 1 – had the potential to have seen the advertising activity (Exposed).Sample 2 – did not have the potential to have seen the advertising activity (Not Exposed).Both samples are interviewed at the same time giving a point in time analysis on the impact of the activity.