Londoners think they’re worth twice as much as everybody else

On behalf of insurance group LifeSearch, Opinium ran research to find out how much people think they are worth, by combining the estimated value of their assets,  their average annual salary and the financial value they gave  to out-of-work activities they do, such as childcare and DIY.

On average, the UK think that they are worth £271,000. Interestingly, more value was given to their out-of-work activities (such as childcare and DIY) than to their jobs. In the North East and East of England, out-of-work activities were valued at more than £40,000 a year.

Those in London have the highest estimation of their value.  Londoners believe  that their combined value of a year’s paid work, a year’s non-paid work and their total assets (such as a house and car), equate to  £558,000, which is twice as much as the national average. Northern Ireland, by contrast, was five times lower than the London average.

Men also believed they were worth more than women in every category, including their time spent out of work. Across the UK, men gave themselves an average value of £305,000 –  a third more than women, who believe they are worth £231,789.


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