Sex and relationship education (SRE) in schools

The finding comes as the Government faces increasing calls for the classes to be mandatory amid growing evidence young people are facing widespread sexual harassment and abuse.

A new poll by Opinium on behalf of Plan International UK, suggests there is overwhelming public support for compulsory SRE in schools. The survey found 85% of those polled think SRE should be mandatory in state schools, 84% believe it should be compulsory at academies and free schools, 83% believe it should be compulsory in private schools and 82% felt it should be in faith schools.

The survey also asked participants about their own experiences of sex education at school and found that little more than a quarter (27%) found it informative – among over-55s the figure was just 11% – while 17% of those polled said they didn’t receive any sex education at school at all.

Just 12% felt the education they received about relationships – including issues like sexual orientation and abusive relationships – was informative, while nearly a third (31%) said they had not received any education on relationships. 


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