Britain’s five communication tribes

The world in which Opinium was founded was very different to the one in which we now find ourselves, not least in terms of how we communicate. The proliferation of new technologies, platforms and mediums over the past ten years has been incredible and the effects have been profound.

However, the fact that we can now choose more different ways to talk to one another is highlighting that many of us are opting for ways that mean we won’t have to.

The past couple of years have demonstrated that, far from bringing us together in a common language, increased means of communication could be having the opposite effect. Things that many consider to be authoritative, attention-grabbing or engaging are seen by others to be untrustworthy, bland or uninspiring.

Put simply, we are increasingly defined not just by what we say but by how we say it.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re launching groundbreaking research that shows how five tribes are changing the way Britain communicates. For marketers, researchers and communication professionals alike, understanding these tribes will be essential in order to adapt to the shifting landscape.

Return here soon to download our report and find out more about the tribes that define Britain and the way it communicates.