Revolutionising a charity’s targeting strategy

The Need

Our client is a national charity which needed to refine its’ audience targeting strategy, from a traditional channel based approach to one that is more specific and audience led. It also needed to identify how it can differentiate itself in an incredibly cluttered environment.

Our Approach

We conducted uber-qualitative groups to identify the key motivations, barriers and attitudinal cohorts in relation to support. We used this to fuel a comprehensive quantitative phase that created a map of the key reasons people give to charity and segmented people based on their motivations. Finally, we appended the segments onto our panel so that all future brand and marketing decision-making was dictated by consumers wants and needs, rather than the internal marketing team.

The Outcome

We identified the most important motivations for support and how each charity delivered on them. This highlighted strengths, weaknesses and white space areas for the charity to forge a clear niche in the sector. The segmentation ensured that key decisions where now driven by target consumers – i.e. a true audience driven strategy.