Emerge energy drink

The Need

Opinium were commissioned to conduct a study among a segment of energy drinkers in the UK, assessing awareness, usage & attitudes towards Emerge, an energy drink by Cott Beverages.  The aims of the study were to facilitate benchmarking against competitors within the UK energy drinks market and to profile current purchasers & drinkers of Emerge as well as competitor brands.

Our Approach

Responses from 1,000 energy drinks consumers aged 16-35 were used to quantify awareness of Emerge and competitor brands & usage stats across the category.  Barriers & triggers to purchase and on which occasions were also identified, along with likelihood to purchase and recommend.

The Outcome

The client was able to better understand existing customers’ needstates and identify wider opportunities in the energy drinks market.  With a deeper understanding of media consumption, the client was better able to target media spend, generating an improved ROI.