Car vandalism is costing British motorists as much as £1.9 billion each year

Research by Opinium, on behalf of Churchill Car Insurance, suggests that motor vandalism is costing British drivers a whopping £1.9 billion each year – and has found scorned ex-partners are among those responsible.

In a 12-month period, 3 million cases of those who had their car damaged were reported – of these 41% of victims claimed to know who did the crime, with current and ex-partners among the prime suspects.

10% of vandalism cases have been identified as a crime of passion by angry lovers seeking revenge through breaking car windows, keying the paintwork or spray painting ‘not-so-sweet nothings’ on the exterior.

An average of £661 worth of damage is done in each case, however, vandals found guilty of causing less than £5,000 of damage to a car could see themselves hit with a £2,500 fine or 3 months imprisonment.

It was also found that motorists were more likely to have their cars vandalised depending on where they lived, with Plymouth and Sheffield being the most risky place to live for car owners.

Car vandalism rose by 9.5% from 2016 to 2017 – read more here.