Brits admit to fly-tipping and dumping Christmas waste on neighbours

The average British adult will fill two bin bags of waste this Christmas Day, the equivalent of 109 million bin bags, according to our new research conducted on behalf of Clearabee.

Nearly a tenth of British adults will fill five or more bags on Christmas Day and 1% of Brits will enjoy an extremely abundant Christmas, expecting to fill 10 bags of waste on Christmas Day. Furthermore, over half expect to produce more waste than they can fit in their bins.

Of those who expect to have excess waste, 67% will spend time taking a trip to the tip which could mean that Brits make as many as 18.5 million trips to the tip. Other common things to do includes “neigh-tipping” (stashing rubbish in neighbours’ bins), leaving it in the garden or merely letting the bin overflow.

Additionally, 3% of Brits admit to having fly-tipped Christmas rubbish, risking a fine of up to £50,000 – residents in London and North-East England and those aged between 18 and 34 were the most likely to admit to illegally dumping waste.

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