ANZ Companies Disconnected From Customers

Research by Opinium on behalf of Verint has revealed that there is a noticeable disconnect between the investment decisions of Australian and New Zealand companies and their customers’ preferences.

The Digital Tipping Point report reveals that an overwhelming majority of organisations in Australia and New Zealand are investing more in their digital communication channels than traditional human-based customer service channels. Yet, the latter remains the preferred method of contact by most customers.
Almost nine in ten businesses (87%) consider digital channels such as mobile apps, email and SMS to be highly sought after, as digitisation continues to makes leaps in the corporate world. However, only 32% of those who use certain service providers favour the use of the digital channels that organisations are investing in.
Customers prefer to engage with companies over the phone (24%), in store (23%) or by managing an account online (22%)—showing a preference for a human element in their interactions. However, the largest areas for planned investment by businesses are mobile apps (36%) and live chat (31%) whilst only 8% highlighted new spend in their telephony platform.

Similarly, organisations are spending the least on traditional methods of customer service channels, yet 74% of customers say they don’t like dealing with companies that don’t provide a phone number for them to contact.

While digital platforms at this stage are secondary choices for customer service, they do present a valuable gateway for brands to reach new customers and to receive feedback on service.

However, according to the data, there is an apparent difference of behaviour connected to digital and human customer service channels. Those who have good experiences via phone or in store are more likely to respond positively to a brand compared to good experiences via digital interaction, with 19% more likely to leave a positive review and 38% more likely to renew their product or service.

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