42% of owners suspect dogs have human illness

Our research for Direct Line Pet Insurance found that 42% of dog owners believe that their pet had developed a physical or psychological condition usually associated with humans over the last year.

Pet owners that reported that their pets suffered from a human illness referenced conditions such as anxiety (26%), stress (25%) and depression (10%).

Various suspected causes of these illnesses were reported by pet owners, with 16% of those whose pet suffered from a condition thinking that previous trauma was the cause. Further to this, some owners thought they were to blame for their pets’ problems, with 13% believing their anxiety led to their dog’s condition and one in ten (10%) thinking their depression was the reason.

Promisingly, the majority of owners (57%) have sought advice from a vet regarding such conditions, and 16% have asked a dog specialist. Additionally, a third (33%) of pet owners have taken to treating the condition themselves.

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