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Helping to position Avon as the voice of women in the UK.
Campaign testing & pre/post advertising awareness for Google Voice Search.
Navigating and improving the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns for under-50s.

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Research Services

We're a leading insight agency offering a broad range of research services helping clients to get to grips with the world in which their brands operate.

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Every brand needs a 360 degree view of its market and its customers. Our research solutions can help you answer your most important questions.

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69 %
say they have an evening meal as a family at least once a week, with 41% saying they do this every day

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The new freedoms at retirement heralded in by the chancellor have been welcomed by most, but in our latest research with Pheonix Group it appears...
The antics of the Sun in apparently bringing to an end its usual feature on Page Three, only to bring it back after a large amount of airtime and column inches had...
Instead of partying in a club or watching fireworks by the Thames, many Brits feel happy spending their New Year's Eve at home, either quietly on their own or...

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Research Services

Opinium produces fortnightly Opinium/Observer Political Polls with the Observer newspaper and works for numerous other media outlets. Our latest results, as well as an archive of our previous results can be found here.

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